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                                                             Burstable Fast E Ethernet

Burstable FastE Ethernet quotes can be acquired by using the pricing tool at the top of this page or by calling us at 888-804-6720. FastE stands for Fast Ethernet. Burstable FastE Ethernet quotes are often determined by calculating the distance between a fiber-fed telecom provider’s central office (CO) and the business location requiring the Fast Ethernet (FastE) service. Another important factor that determines burstable FastE Ethernet quotes is the number of telecom providers who can supply Fast Ethernet to your location.  

Burstable Fast Ethernet can be very cost effective for businesses that have extreme variations in their bandwidth usage. With burstable bandwidth, a minimum monthly commitment is purchased, and additional charges are only accrued if the bandwidth usage is above that monthly commitment. The business is only charged extra for the additional bandwidth for the specific period of time it is used.  

If a business does not require bandwidth to terminate at their location, colocation facilities frequently offer burstable bandwidth at far better prices than it would cost to deliver burstable bandwidth to your business location. Because colocation facilities are commonly lit with the fiber of several carriers, access (loop) charges are not charged to the customer.  

Burstable bandwidth is offered as DS3 (3 Megabits per second up to 45 mbps), Fast Ethernet (10 mbps up to 100 mbps) and Gigabit Ethernet (100 mbps up to 1000 mbps).  

There are many scenarios that create the need for burstable bandwidth. Sales promotions, fund-raising drives, political campaigns, tax season or advertising campaigns all create short-term increases in bandwidth requirements. Call centers often have various periods of peak call volume and periods of lower volume, following nationwide radio or television advertising campaigns. Burstable bandwidth can increase capacity as needed to insure that no calls are dropped and employees have quick access to customer information without major delays. Other scenarios where burstable bandwidth may prevent network delays are large file transfer and video conferencing. Most businesses cannot afford to experience network delays that can result in dropped calls to and from customers, and lost productivity from employees.  

If you would like to receive same-day, customized burstable FastE Ethernet quotes from 40 of the top telecom providers in the U.S., please use the pricing tool at the top of this page. It’s free, easy to use and there is no obligation.  

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